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The right of right living from the kings, to the elite to the middle class to the commoners has been a matter of concern since the dawn of civilization. From the days of the Greek philosophers; Plato, Socrates and Aristotle to Krishna / Arjun, to Chanakya to own very own life coaches and mentors; religious, spiritual, professional, political, managerial or otherwise, the real art of living certainly remains elusive. The day the art of living formula is cracked even in one sector or arena, life and success would become the norm. The struggle and drudgery would be brought down considerably and life would take a predictable mode. With all the efforts made in this direction both by the propagator and learner, nothing much has changed.

Two questions need to be answered before we move further. One is can the art of living or right living be administered like a cough syrup? The other even more complicated, yet little known fact is that the people who have mastered it are known, but the way they made this happen, remains shrouded in mystery. The business case studies and the great euphoric success stories have been adding to our mechanical reading, without making any assimilation of  and for sure, no practice of it. So, this group of super successful people remain a very small group and the rest of us celebrate their success. They are to be seen and revered, how would they become a mass phenomenon, still remains completely elusive.

One thing is for sure, there is no straight formula, however many people want to sell a recipe. The people who have recently been able to make a life out of their life; that is who have cracked this art of right living formula and through it success and fame in the world, each had a different one and each one has cracked it on his own. So the moral of story is however much you are cajoled into an assembly line formula, the reality is that each one has to find his own. The trajectory of life you would have to decide; professional and personal and decide to take a journey on the pre-decided vision and the terms and conditions, which would be etched in stone. Art of living will come out in this framework.

You have to keep struggling till you find your own art of right living. It is the same like the way Steve Jobs talks of finding your passion. He says once you find passion (love), you know you have found it. Same is for the art of living. The second you find it; you know it is your own and can take you to immeasurable heights. You have found your magic sauce and then you can keep giving the Midas touch to everything you do. This skill can go till eternity, if with your discovered art of right living, you develop the capability to make the customization for newer areas you enter and newer ways and methods of life, you pick up as per your requirements. The golden rule thus remains, you have to find  your own. Once found, rest is history.


Sanjay Sahay

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