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 The litany of woes of Cyber Security does not seem to end.  The breach & the vulnerability, both are increasing at an exponential pace, leaving us to fend for ourselves.  Or the other way round,  we see are perpetually in the vulnerability mode, till we are breached.  The new jargon to explain the present state of affairs is  Accidentally Left Exposed is euphemism to declare that the powers that, be private or otherwise, refuse to take the ownership of data security,  when they are mandated to do so.

It is reported that a US marketing company has  compromised personal data of more than half of the US population.  There is no denying the fact that the owner of the data is the person, to whom the data pertains.  Anybody else or entity is just a custodian & it’s his legal duty to keep the data safe & secure & use it only in the manner permitted by the owner.  Data is the biggest asset we have in the digital world & this totally insecure reality is totally unacceptable. Precious little is being done to save the situation.

 The dichotomy of the data being away from the owner, with no control & more often than not access, has created this weird situation.  It’s time that both law & technology should come to our  rescue, ably assisted by the business enterprises, with a mindset change.  Blindfolded commercialisation is not answer to this challenge, it has brought them his far, further journey for sure would be disastrous.  The ability of corporations to collect & store such data insecurely,  brings in the question of responsibility, accountability & consequently of criminality & compensation.

 Law has to be in tune with the times. In simple terms, agencies facilitating hacks by knowledge or negligence need to fall under the ambit of criminal law.  A whole  legal ecosystem with an expert execution machinery & audit mechanism, legally mandated  & is the need of hour. Updated technical expertise has be the undercurrent of this new ecosystem.


 Sanjay Sahay

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