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 Elevate the language to a level where it can be used for all purposes & with the same effectiveness & see the change.  If the language does not deliver, it’s usage will remain limited, is a foregone conclusion.  Any level of jingoism is not going to improve matters.  Undeniably, mother tongue or the local language provides a sentimental channel of communication. It needs tools to stand on its own.

 The creation or translation of base documents of all fields of day to day usage can be a beginning point.  The quality of these documents should match the levels of the internationally most used language, ie, English. The resources who should be engaged for this pioneering task have to equally proficient in both the languages to the level of content, nuances, sentiments, usage & the like.  A bad translation does a bigger damage than not having it at all.

 The quality of education decides the level at which the language can & should be used.  Generally, it’s seen that quality of education in Hindi or other languages is not at par with English.  Higher education has become the sole preserve of English.  Wishful thinking has brought us this far. Possibly, it cannot take us further.

 Beyond this language or the other, communication skills is different ball game altogether.  Does our system help create excellent communication skills, both written & oral.  A bad communication in whatever language is devoid of any utility.  The best practitioners are few & far between. Most of the biggest proponents turn out to be the worst communicators. How many high scorers do we find in any language?  Do we ever evaluate the oral communication skills & rarer we validate it.

 At the end of the content delivers, it finds a language.  That is the language in which the content is created.  Deliver the expected deliverables in the language you want to propagate & see then change.


Sanjay Sahay

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