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When textbooks started failing to deliver the content & its consequent assimilation, business case studies emerged into the teaching pedagogy  as a tool to fill up the well known gap & add effective assimilation to learning. Did  it really make the proposed difference? It became another textbook material. The cases developed a pattern & the students discerning eye could locate the learnings, which they copied verbatim or otherwise, in their exams or spoke fluently in group discussions & interviews.  How much did it equip them for the future professional life is a suspect. 

Management textbooks & management literature & even bestsellers started rehashing the well known case studies.  Most of the case studies does not pertain to the Indian reality / milieu  & even with that, the new ones are in a short supply. The Indian academia was interested in the not so readable / usable doctoral thesis for personal professional growth. With the plethora of engineering & business schools, their output should in hundreds, if not thousands  touching every facet. May be India academia abhors news ideas, field research, reading & most certainly writing. 

 A huge component of the project work should revolve around the creation of this repository of knowledge to our gain & to the benefit of institutions & students around the globe.  It would place us on the academic map of the project world & give us the respect & credibility, which we yearn from the core of our heart.  Suffice to say, a national repository of the same should have come to existence long time time. 

Experiential learning is not only for business growth but needs to be shared with students / researchers & entrepreneurs in the interest of the nation, which they would take decades to learn, if they do.  If they don’t they would be permanent strugglers or the also rans.  The capability to acquire & use new knowledge & skills gets stunted even before the person is in a position to imagine of its utility. 


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