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 How the position of an expert gets attached to a professional is still not known but as and when it happens you seem to have arrived in life.  An aura get attached to you & you go beyond the ordinary.  Finality, seems to the trademark of the expert.  Does the expert, which are aplenty, have the capability, which they boast of or are made out to be, by the via media commercial organization.  The most critical link in today’s professional world, it is presumed, does not need an independent validation.

Warren Buffet is an investment expert but so it the expert of the barely known company at the end of the road.  And there are innumerable shades in between.  The hapless customer is made to decide for himself, based on his crude judgement and equally crude advice of his friends, relatives & well wishers.  All of them would have arrived in different ships but they are for sure in the same boat.

 How is the expert validated? Nobody knows; as he is not.  Is it by number of years in a job or expertise with given number of years & some specific number of years at specific positions, or is by certifications, or on the nature of crisis handled in that field, or the expertise on deliverables or  capability to understand, document & execute or any combination of these & might be many more capabilities.  For sure  demonstrated capability  would be rated pretty high & also having the  potential to show the way in uncertainty  & for innovative new projects et al.

 Today there are experts who are just out of college.  The KPMGs of the day provide that transformation. Sometimes, popularity makes you an instant expert, sometimes single successful event,  at times neatly managed image building, networking,  social media management and the like.  The real expert seems to be lost somewhere.  Mechanisms of his objective ratings have to be put in place.


    Sanjay Sahay

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