Daily Post 1224


When breakthrough technologies are hogging the limelight, in the backend another major revolution is going on full swing. That is innovation at its best. The staid business model landscape in changing very rapidly. If you miss out on it, you be very sure, your business will have stunted growth. You might not even feel the difference because you don’t know what the new model could do for you. There is a problem of plenty; you can chose the one you want and if you are really innovative, you can create a path breaking one.

Seven emerging models are the front runners. They would decide the fate to present and future businesses. 1. The Crowd Economy, the variants are endless from crowd funding to staff on demand. Airbnb became the largest hotel chain being one example. 2. The Free/Data Economy, the platform version of the “bait and hook model, service for free and mercenary monetisation of data. Google Facebook, Twitter – valuable data exchanged for “Free Service.”

The Smartness Economy, as we added electricity to the existing tools long time back and now smartness is being added. Smartphones to smart speakers and smart cars known as autonomous cars. AI in business from Amazon to Salesforce. AI driven start ups have raised $13.5 billion in venture capital in US. 4. Closed-Loop Economies – Activities which are open loops, closed by a third party and monetising it. The Plastic Bank founded in 2013 is an example.

At the convergence of blockchain and AI is Decentralised Autonomous Organisations, DAOs, with no employees, no bosses and non-stop production. Smart taxis with blockchain-backed smart contract layer could run 24/7 inclusive of repairs. 6.* Multiple World Models, avatars for work, for play and all of these versions have immense business opportunities. And finally, the seventh model, Transformation Economy, paying for experience is now a passé, you are paying to have your life transformed by the experience.


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