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Whether it is the race of AI supremacy or being a lead nation in the march towards Industrial Revolution 4.0, the only deciding factor is adoption of emerging technologies of the day. The guiding parameters would be the relevant sectors to be covered, the methods employed, the level of technologies, the change agents, the ease created for the user, the comprehensive adoption in different areas, its aggregation and the final impact. What is the need of the hour is the policy formulation in each industry and enterprise and the collation of it all into one.

Given the complex nature of these technologies and their evolving nature, adoption is not as simple as it sounds. India is not being the creator of any of these technologies it would be an uphill task for our researchers, scientists, business enterprises to get into active adoption without the availability of relevant know how and the skill transfer. The transparency of the digital world does not stretch to technologies, patents and intellectual property. It is a Black Box world. Rest would just be at the application level usage, a superficial one, that cannot take us places.

Understanding each of the these technologies from 5G to drones to robotics is a world in its own. The challenge is humungous but so are the fruits. First is the earnest desire to understand one or more of these technologies, the knowledge bottlenecks and route to be taken for its mastery or masterly adoption in at least few enterprises and then use that as model for replication. The adoption process has to be made robust so that it can rolled out in a big way across industries.

These technologies are generic in nature. Their adoption in different sectors and even in every single enterprise would need research and development which is unique, as it would entail creating a new model. There are no easy answers. Emerging technologies importance has to be accepted and technology adoption has to become our DNA.


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