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Business practices decide the fate of the nation as on it depends the quality, time and pricing. This extends to the services offered, predictability being the most important component. Assurance at the end of the day has to be the converging business element and every business practice should converge into it. The final product is the certificate of the process that has been gone through and the validations there of. Whether the businesses run behind bills or the quality product / service delivery decides it all!

The ease of business has always been understood as the ecosystem provided to business enterprises to create and conduct their businesses at ease. They need to give their full attention to business and the system takes care of the rest of it. It presumes that the customer is a necessary evil that needs to be managed. In reality, the real extrapolation of the ease of business has to take the most important stakeholder, the customer within its fold. That can happen only when such business practices are put in place.

With the business practices and its gainful improvement not in place and the undue scramble for Q1 to Q4 numbers, the next disaster to happen was outsourcing. In the first instance we could talk to a known company official / representative, now it is call center, at a fag end which is so difficult to catch. Business practices are not created by SOPs, they are created by convention, by people, over a period of time – long number of years, then getting solidified as normal, routine or the done thing.

Biometric or log in has become the lingo of the day on the side and automation and AI on the other, God only knows who will take care of Business Practices on which the whole edifice actually sustains and survives. Business Practices improvement has to be at the core of our growth story, known and spread across the economy. Only this can change India’s growth story. The world has changed, time for us to do so.


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