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As we grow up we are told that every human being is different and we should have the magnanimity appreciate it. Looks should be not be the only defining factor or the fixtures like gender, caste, ethnicity etc. This difference connotes and means that you have to be in possession of individuality. You are defined then by your thought process, what you deliver, what you write, the way you conduct yourself, your professional skills and the persona, things you are passionate about, what you contribute and in which manner, the social interactions etc.

This can be called the Individuality Framework. What we make out of it is different story, to start with, how many of us have any thing which has even a semblance of individuality. You might be known for what you wear, what you drive, the places you visit, the way you while away time or how stylish you are with total lack of content. Anybody can be put in that format. It doesn’t take much time in picking up garb. This is what is dished out today in the name of individuality.

This is the farthest you can be from individuality. It barely touches the four corners of the Individuality Framework. The individual would have one or two overriding traits, skills and habits and that becomes the individuality trademark and other professional and personal components of behaviour play the supplementary and complimentary roles. This in totality is that human being and who cannot be replicated or copied.

From eating, clothing, games, purchases, jobs, aspirations, fears, apprehensions, response to failures, parental response, the business environment gameplay and even social media mania, all have become so mechanised and like assembly line products it has become very difficult to differentiate one from the other. Brands kept on getting created and Brand Human was lost in the wilderness.


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