DailyPost - 1213


DailyPost 1213


The world has witnessed a paradigm shift in the way we think, act, understand with the onset of the digital technology. Social Media and the disruptive technologies have taken in a notch further. In this enmeshed world, we have to make a meaning of our existence and need the capability to get the data and organise the information. Security also has to be streamlined for a sane existence. The tools of the world which facilitated your erstwhile existence are giving way to the tools of Digital Age.

These are software tools, services over the web for free and paid once too for different areas in which we work. For any professional environment there is tool for everything. Simple ones, which have become generic in nature are known. If you were to go a stage further lot many will tell you what function needs to the done, but remain unaware of the tools to be used.

We leave it to the services of the expert. When in reality most requirements can be met if we were to use tools ourselves. With you knowing the exact requirements, you can become the most qualified user of that tool. While it has been created to enhance the competence of the user / professionals, the user has handed it over to the professionals so to say, in reality low end digital coolies perform these tasks and in general, ignorance keeps us satisfied.

Open source intelligence will add value to your life in literally anything you are looking for. It is a professional way for what can called as an enhanced Google search. A focussed subject based, incident based, transaction based digital matrix. Conclusions will just pop out of your screens. From bandwidth used, its analysis to security on your machine, for everything there are tools. Use these tools of the digital world, the latest, most potent to make the best of what you need. A handyman of the modern world.


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