DailyPost 89

 It’s raining bytes all over.  The digital lingo has become the mainstay of the electronic media. Sourced either from a public source or a requested byte, the byte life cycle starts. You are assured that the developing story would be followed and you would be kept abreast. More often than not it’s a dead story, bytes turn out to the ventilator support.

 The agenda of the nation, it seems, gets decided on these bytes,  it can be translated crudely into TRP as well, far away from the reality and substance of day to day functioning and the grind.  The bytes have become a convergence platform to spill the beans, act, react, counter act on literally anything and everything.

The electronic media has turned out to be the  final aggregator of incidents, ideas, pain, suffering et al.  It beats Uber in its own game given the customer base it caters to and the objectivity it carries home. Thus, it has become mandatory to byte notwithstanding the event / incident / accident / demise and your need to be present for more pressing tasks related to the above.

The  level of engagement & participation it thus creates gives a feeling that you also matter , that somebody is reporting to you and that your concurrence or the cumulative concurrence of us all matters to decision making and hence the destiny of nation. This is the matrix in which we are in.

 Repeat bytes can create disgust / phobia or mass euphoria, whichever is intended to be created.


Sanjay Sahay


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