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This is the result everyone is trying to achieve. Optimum, cost benefit, per unit cost, ROI, value add, efficiency, productivity are all manifestations of the same process; to make the best out of quantified effort and the additions of value in terms of money corresponding to every single penny spend. This has afflicted all spheres, even research, social service and public service couldn’t not remain untouched. The human mind is on the rational calculation spree, keeps analysing on a dynamic, real time basis , with the faulty formula which is out to prove that the person did not get a fair deal.

This is at a time a time when systems are exploited to the fullest, breaking at it at its seams. The optimized state of an individual or a company does add up to an optimized economy, business or society. In reality, even the individual and then enterprise is also not optimized, they have decided to prove that way. The processes, matrix and the formula, have all been created for that purpose. All is made of believe hunky dory till its gets busted. Ninety percent of fresh engineering grads reaching the cherished state would not have happened in a day. Finally, make believe optimized documentation got busted.

Precisely this is a mindset issue, genesis difficult to pin point. Certainly, it was not their in human imagination during the hunter gatherer stage. A prey could have taken any amount of effort, endless energy, never say never die approach and the great human capability to take non – accomplishment as a way of life, despite humongous effort in the right direction. Not only ill conceived things fail in this world. Even the best things do. Might be this optimized state of mind is the gift of the capitalist business age.

The world has not delivered on this mindset and it never will. This machine formula can left to the machines. From explorers to researchers to innovators and now the world changing entrepreneurs are all antidote to this thought process. They have made this clear to the world. This optimized perverse thought process could have never created a Columbus, Edison, the Moon & Mt. Everest Expeditions, Adam Smith, Karl Marx and certainly none of the reigning deities of the 21st Century; Bill Gates to Elon Musk to Jeff Bezos.


Sanjay Sahay

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