Your “WORLD VIEW” is your world

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Your “WORLD VIEW” is your world

Perceptions, impressions, misconceptions, knowledge or the lack of it, experiences, suffering, humiliation et al create our world view. Your world view is the world reality you accept. For a progressive / proactive person it’s dynamic and keeps on changing as he progresses in life. No two individuals share the same world view in totality.

Understanding a persons world view can provide a much better connect with him. Everyone feels comfortable on a familiar turf. Groups of similar world view can me manipulated if you can play upon their emotional cord, which explains the diversity in ideas and commitments of different groups to the same issue. Leaders and speakers have played havoc in this backdrop.

A very simple example can be the contempt for reading, writing and may be for sensible speaking as well. In a society which superficially touts knowledge as the gold standard, the absence of manifestations of knowledge is very conspicuous. Instead of a fact / data driven world, it’s a perception driven world.

In a social media dominated world people are out to make, break and manipulate your world view. Social media is the prime vehicle of propaganda. Social media propaganda ; in what is called as the social media bubble has been instrumental in creating a world view for the individual which is ideal for initiation into radicalisation process.

Objectivity is the final casualty.


Sanjay Sahay

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