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Communities for nearly the whole of human history have grown in an organic manner, taking the natural time to assimilate the changes around them. That has been the reason for their strength and robustness. Rarely, there have been disruptive situations for which made immense difference to the social fabric; renaissance, reformation, the world wars et al. There have been technological changes having a transformative impact on the community, internet and then of late the social media.

The slow assimilative transformation is not felt, as most of us take a detached view of the change we experience and hence refuse to believe that we have been an active part of it. But this time it is going to be radically different; fully disruptive experience literally forcing societal change asap or else it would have a face a much bigger onslaught which supposedly mature systems might not be able to handle. Corona is a living example to prove it to us that crisis will not happen only till the level you can imagine or plan of. You can be way way off.

Community 2.0 is already being created out of Corona, the contours of which are unfolding with every passing day. What will finally come out of it is very difficult to predict. Family now does not mean earning, taking care of physical, financial and entertainment requirements. Holiday pics are not the ultimate of human existence. Sharing and living out frugal resources should emanate out of this churning. Peace of mind cannot be imparted by the gurus, it is here living in our homes.

That the individuals big and small within a community can only build the community. It is the building block of society and polity. The issues have to be brought to the fore and sorted out, however long drawn it might be. That hygiene at all levels can no longer be on the back burner. Health is a zero tolerance issue. The positive and proactive interface of community with democratic governance has to be established once and for all. Functional & robust public health infrastructure has to be created at all costs and be validated by the community. Otherwise, the world will have to see the economy frittering away in future as well.


Sanjay Sahay

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