Daily Post 1287


It is very rare to find a person who does not feel that most of his decisions he makes everyday are products of a well-considered decision making. The results and the impact generally have a different story. In the book titled The Power Of HABIT Charles Duhigg says that these are not well considered decisions and are mainly the work of habit. Habits are primordial to our existence and put together have immense impact on our health, productivity, financial security and happiness. In normal times the changes are few and far between, will the pandemic make a tectonic change in way live, think, decide, enjoy, flaunt, prioritise et al; broadly our core behavioural traits.

That we did not know how to wash our hands properly, in a scientific manner is a sad commentary on how habits are made and sustained over the generations. That hygiene was restricted to ambience of the common visited areas, whether this were homes or restaurants. The look of the dishes, the taste on the tongue and ambience of the evening was way more important than the hygiene and the healthy quality of food. That fun and frolic can happen only outside of the house. The weekend was supposed to be like a visit to the holiest shrine and that it would not happen a second time.

Business means getting business orders, what you do with the orders is another sordid saga; somehow perforce it has to be taken to its logical conclusion, what is delivered finally is known to all of us. How many customers will come back to you post pandemic is the real value you have created in last so many years. Parceled out responsibilities leaving the customer in the lurch is a habit very meticulously learnt by most of us in business, this will have to change.

And the story goes on and on. This is once in lifetime experience for the whole world. If this is not able to change our core behavioural habits for a better and saner living, then habits would have again got the better of us to our own detriment. These habits of ours are not fit enough to face the post pandemic world, frittering our life and economic well being in the process. Hope I am wrong but it seems likely that we are just holding on, desperately waiting to go back to ”our own life.”


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