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As we move in the onward journey of life, the people who surround us are only who are related to us, few friends, some colleagues and some acquaintances who pepper most of our existence. The social and official functions are also very clearly delineated, how much of bonhomie it creates is known to all. At the very best it has some gossip value, leaving aside the sweet nothings that is talked about for the time to pass. While we meet, spend long durations of time with lots of people in different stages of life, only to miss out on most of them, even the ones you valued, the ones who where with you in your thick and thin and the ones who provided solace to you.

The world is a human network and in an ideal situation we should have been surrounded by people of our choice both in the personal and professional life, that is only way life would be move on to the cherished mode. Unfortunately, it does not happen. This is the mode all claim to have achieved, more often than not these are false claims just to satisfy oneself and the world. We remember the ones we missed out in the rat race of the world but we don’t make any efforts to mend our ways.

Being with people whom we like, who bring happiness to us, are helpful to us in the our work, the ones who bring sanity to our life, add wit, humour and context to life, will certainly take an effort. To cull them out of all we meet and live and have a neat collection of them is not an easy task, nonetheless doable. The effort is keep them together in your life, be a part of their life’s rigmarole as they would be of yours and move ahead in life full of fun and satisfaction.

All the achievements comes to a naught if you have not lived with right people, neither the photo-ops nor the photo-ops character can add any worth to your life. When the arc lights go off and you have to face the harsh reality of life at whatever age, you realize you have already lost that golden chance to create a human network of your own, for yourself. With the buffer of life missing the journey is destined to be uncomfortable. When in success people feel lonely, what would be the case when really get lonely. One should never reach that stage.


Sanjay Sahay

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