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The onslaught of Corona is treated as failure of technology to find a vaccine or solution in the shortest possible time. It is also commonly believed that even with such advancement in technology one virus has brought the world to its knees. This is not the first time technology bashing is happening in this world. Technology has no voice and hence has to take the burden of all those who either messed with it or who could not understand the context, decided, failed and put the blame on technology. With conspiracy theories abound, it certainly can be one possibility. How do we hold technology responsible then?

Technology is still treated in vast parts of the world of being at the switch and bulb level, though it has crossed that stage even before the onset of digital age. The success of China’s containment is both a success Human Tracking Solution; a combination of technologies with business logic inbuilt and then used for this purpose successfully. If you don’t have the maturity of those technologies and also the wherewithal to use it, how do you create this state of art solution in the jiffy?

Technology is long drawn game and those who invest in it would benefit out of it. This also does not work on the cost benefit analysis, based on a single requirement and a single solution. The overall tech vision has be to there to make any headway. Vision in smithereens, silos in thinking & operations and interoperability challenges are humungous. With real requirements unknown we have landed in this Catch 22 situation. We have it all, while having none. If it is left to the people who know the business of technology the results are radically different. But everything cannot be both handled and decided by them.

In what they really handle the results are commendable. In no time and might be without a single order of increase or scalability from the side of the customer, the world has moved to making every home an office and a class room. Zoom has become the new office, meeting room and class room of the world. Videos which needed buffering till a few years back does not flicker when the world is in dynamic use of it. The sanity is corona times is only because of technology, if people have failed, technology should not be made the scapegoat.


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