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Try giving a task or project to a professional, slightly different from what he does on a regular basis & more often than not, the answer is, he is not competent enough to do that.  All of us are in a habit of limiting our competencies, making an effort to improve or learn one, doesn’t seem to be in our DNA.  Whereas, the world is replete with role models proving to the contrary. However much might be the evidence in favour of competency building, the die-hards are not ready to budge.

 This is what can be termed  Competency Gap Mirage.  If all of us suffered from the same ailment, the momentous changes happening on a day to day basis, would not have taken place.  Competency is an ongoing process & increases with the effort & attitude and slowly you develop a capability to enhance your competency.  In the fast changing times vertical enhancement is a must & lateral extension of the same is also desirable.

 Maintaining the same level of competency & aspire for professional growth, more so disruptive, is not going to happen.  The arduous journey has to taken and it would remain so, for the rest of the professional career.  Self certification of stunted competency is the best way to commit professional suicide.  What competencies did  Elon Musk  have to get on to a  entrepreneurial journey  for the creation of electric cars & one of its kind space program.  The real competency at the end of the day is to battle it out against all odds, in a future of extreme uncertainty.  This is birthplace of all competencies.

 Does our ecosystem have this element? The answer is a straight no.  The aspiration of a comfortable job at the end of an supposedly bright academic career neither presupposes competency nor has it, as an element in the professional present and also its future.  With misconceived comfort, emanating out of dreamt static way of life, Competency Gap Mirage is the only fall out of life.  A fallout destined to professional decimation.


    Sanjay Sahay

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