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How conversant you are with computer behavior makes you the most safe. Computers in various forms have become a part of us a nd as fast we are able to make out a symptomatic aberration in the functioning of the system, the safer we are. In the Cyber Security scenario we are in, we are the first sentinels of our Digital Peace. We have tried to outsource it, it has not been very successful. We get a feeling a security, when it is not. A anti-virus and a firewall have not been able to guard us against the impending danger. As in any crime any deviant behavior is the best indication and this time it the behavior of the machine. It needs a discerning eye rather than using computer as any machine. It is not.

In an anti-virus comulative test run in 2013, all anti-viruses combined could detect only 4% of the virus in circulation. If that is the level of immunity of a human body it could just see it’s end in a few hours time. Anti-virus is way off from being a full proof security mechanism. Nothing is. You can convinced of a well proven fact by now that installing a series of security programs and forgetting about them does not secure you from virus and other attacks. You don’t have to be an expert to be safe.

The warning signs of malwares and viruses are in variably ; first, sudden slowdown in computer speed – they have a tendency to slow down operating systems. Second is the infamous BSOD, the Blue Screen of Death. It generally happens on systems infected by malware. When applications take long to start can be another indicator and so can be in the case of Popups appearing out of nowhere. Fifthly, firewalls and anti-virus getting disabled – it’s a very common ploy and there are instances of fake anti-virus programs, you have to be aware what is running on your system.

Getting unwarranted forwarding sites and “suggestions,” is another indicator. Enormous internet traffic on your system might mean that your system might be, is being used as a part botnet. Shortcuts files coming out nowhere& unusual messages; your friends getting outgoing messages which you have not send. If you are not able to access your Control Panel, there would invariably be a design behind it. And finally, there are chances that Browser Homepage has changed.


Sanjay Sahay

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