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To this simple question too, you would get wide & varied replies and there is also a likelihood that you can to face a belligerent counter question. There are two answers; first how much our conversations are structured or it has a meaning or meant to have a meaning. The second is we can talk only what we know. Undeniably, not beyond that. This raises lots of other issues; if you don’t know something comfortably well, what do you do? Fake or learn before talking. Likelihood of trust issue also comes in. How do you sort it out; by creating trust over a period of time or by dropping names of supposedly trustworthy people and worst still their positions.

If you ever try to recollect the total quantum of conversations you indulged in a day and the qualitative value add or net benefit derived from it, it is likely to be in the negative. Though Indians are famed to be talkative since the days of Al Beruni days, yet there has not been any qualitative change. In the book titled Argumentative Indian, the tenor is that Indians can talk at length on things they don’t know.

With the fast changing times and life become more complex by the hour, the pulling fast ones tricks of Mungeri Lal can land you into deep trouble, leave aside the loss of face or abject embarrassment or the chance of never being measured seriously. This type of talk more has two connotations one is the quantum part and second is becoming an enlightening resource on topics you don’t know. The electronic media has made a business of this trait of Indians. The debates seems to have been customised for mostlg this nature of speakers.

The crux of the matter is our intense belief in the power of casual conversations. We have tried to propel to the next higher level, which is not bound to happen. The extrapolation of this behavioral / social trait leads to serious expositions being brought down to the flimsy conversationalist level. Of the tonnes of events of elevated scale, how many times have you have found something valuable spoken.


Sanjay Sahay

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