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Has IT become a Con Science? On the one side we have extremely seamless global solutions from Facebooks to Googles to Amazons and on the other extreme, we have broken softwares all around the place, with users struggling desperately just to make things happen. Bugs the developers say are bound to happen, as natural as our existence. Microsoft Office Suite is the target of 70% of the attacks. No bug bounty program has been able to sort it out.

At least in the Indian context after the work order for software development the only correct document presented to the customer is the invoice. Extreme disregard of the views of the owner / customer, claiming tech superiority and no responsibility and transforming even a suggestion into a Change Request has become the order of the day. All this happens while the software development competencies of the team remains unknown.

It seems to be a con game end to end. However much you try, you would be conned given the whole mechanism stitched in IT behemoth’s favour? With no domain knowledge, yet being outright exuberant is the metal IT behemoth’s are made up of, in this country. Given the time overrun of every single software project, it gives a clear cut inkling regarding the nature of conscience they possess. The urge to satisfy the customers inherently missing is the con game having reached the mindset level.

Fixed cost project is another great theorem created by the ultimate dispensers of software. While the company calculates the costing to the last penny the customer is not supposed to know the details. What an irony of fate! Transparency has been abhorred by these companies, while publicly packaging themselves as champions of the same.


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