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Consultancy came of age around fifteen years back in this country and kept on gaining ground with every passing year. They sit in judgement over everything within and even way beyond their domain. What they give as a document is supposed to be an act in finality, even when nature of resources put on the project doesn’t add to the nature of document required. The document being left un-dissected can only be termed as act professional cheating. In the process starting with management it went on to audit and now has engulfed technology, procurement and governance too.

When there is third party for everything this trade never gets touched. Even when someone else does the audit but for the consultants everybody is taken to task. In the present day world when there is documented feedback and recorded review for even the flimsiest of the commercial activities, they have managed to be out of the net. The audacity of commending one’s work and selling unknown case studies and used cases from foreign shores has become the order of the day.

It’s high time that sanity is brought to this completely unaudited trade. They should know what they have been doing from the horse’s mouth and pen and what their over glorious jet setting existence has meant for the projects and interventions they have handled. And the ideal tool should be Consultants Survey, preferably anonymous, detailing every aspect of consultancy from on-boarding to knowledge transfer and from all groups of personnel who have be a party to his gyan called consultancy. There are differential levels of requirements which needs to meet at every level.

With the level of English usage the country, this privileged lot converses in only one language, the regular vernacular users are forced align with them, lack of understanding notwithstanding. An objective, empirical, detailed survey with the data points, analytics and requirements seamlessly integrated would throw up real matrix of operations, success and failure and whether is has been money’s worth. Need to objectively know the consultants for our own good.


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