Daily Post 1249


My Experiments with Truth can in the present day take the shape of experimenting with ideas we believe to be true. Experimenting to Find Truth should become our mission of life to land into safe and workable thought processes and iterate it into a well proven and robust system. Unnecessary struggle of lots of people can thus be avoided. But as social and even economic / business life and existence is so different from natural sciences and even technology that none of these things are even talked about leaving aside being experimented upon.

Experimentation is social sciences and even management has never seen the light of the day, some foreign case studies notwithstanding. At the individual level, it is totally missing. Each of our lives should be as dull and dry as the other is the mission of life. Strange but true, each one of us behaves in the assembly mode while claiming to be thinking differently, living differently and impacting differently. These are fully substantiated by power-packed presentations which lack power and the influx of social media posts finally banking fully on excellent pics and videos and even better comments.

If you were to ask any one of us about the truths we have discovered it would be extremely difficult to find any. Few might claim a few without have any process substantiation. It is just their belief. First in real life, experimentation takes a long time, second we don’t have the courage to try a new thing, even if it has been proven to be true. Comfort level in which we live in is the antithesis of experimentation and so we keep on suffering endlessly.

From Experiential Learning Lectures to creating a community of Constable tech professionals to a knowledge tool like DailyPost and to creating a fascinating community around it, are all examples in social experimentation. Creating a robust business community out of interpersonal and professional relationship based on companionship, friendship, respect and trust across age and sectors can happen only through finding out the individual truth. Individual truth to business community is ultimate experimentation.


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