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 Abysmal as it may be, the country seems to be contended with such content all around; in different mediums, with mostly the creators unknown.  The whole genre of content creators have appeared on the horizon from nowhere & declared their expertise to be its final arbiters. Content management is another appendage to contend with.  The genesis, modalities and effectiveness of the operation is unknown . As long as people don’t know what content they want, anything pushed in the market, sells.  Any content, reasonably glossed is the dictum of the day.

Masters of the digital media world realize with experience that they are bereft of content, when they come across the real content & real content creators. The present day breed of content creators feed on laziness / lack of skills, which the actual content creators in organizations should have done; but decided to outsource to the detriment of the organization.  What real quality content would have delivered they will never know.

Content once made is not static & has to keep changing with the changing times. From textbooks to websites to reference materials, we are unable to find the dynamic shift. The quantum of information / data is moving at a phenomenal pace; unfortunately, that is not transformed to content.  The analysis, the research, the findings, the purpose, the message, has to be decided before we get onto the voyage of content .

The content & content creator are inextricably linked to the professional domain, issue or business. The are lots who do & create the content, it’s the same personality.  Richard Branson is a case in point. His LinkedIn posts I don’t think can ever be created by a content writer.  Only  Walter Issacson  could create, Steve Jobs, a book; the real content on the biggest innovator of all times.  Creative writers come in handy with slogans, buzz words & campaigns. It gets connected to advertising & its big brother, marketing.  The real content & the content creators are somewhere else.


 Sanjay Sahay

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