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World renowned business solutions, management practices and successful technologies have fallen by the wayside, if replicated on the cut & paste mode. Context matters and it always will. Geography being history is more of clarion call rather than a reality check.

Contextual intelligence in operational terms is to understand the limits of our knowledge and then adapt the knowledge to an environment different from location of its development and maturity.

Shifting to a new context can be straightforward if one or two parts of the needs to be tweaked. The requirements are much more complicated. The executives generally don’t understand the nitty gritty of the operating model, which makes reverse engineering next to impossible.

IT Companies need to understand this model. The recent experiences of Metro Cash & Carry, in both China and India are a case in point. There are examples abound in all geographies.

Contextual intelligence is the value add facilitating the creation of appropriate solutions both technological & business.

Sanjay Sahay

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