Daily Post 1279


Corona Global Health Crisis has brought to the fore the gaping holes in our understanding of reality. It can called be wisdom by hindsight in an fast evolving crisis, even today the objective understanding of reality can make a difference between survival and otherwise of people and may be destruction of nations. Not that reality has not been viewed differently earlier inclusive of earth shattering issues,this time the results are so conspicuous, that it is forcing us to think. When reality is brought to the level of perception and decision makers have the prerogative to decide on that perception, gut feeling, or some deep seated thought process, the impacted have a to pay a heavy price.

The realty today in any field or issue is the sum total of data through pre-decided data points, its analysis and the likely impact. What operates for stock trading can work for any other area too. If we have capability to bring that issue to that level of level data driven state and hence objectivity. That has to be added to the contextual and any value add domain intelligence. The growth of Corona has been showing clear cut trends but the reactions have been different, landing at risk the life of communities at large and also that of frontline medical and other professionals.

The data so processed needs to have a fixed protocol and such decisions should be mandated by law providing clear cut parameters with the action that needs to follow. Data and technology is playing a pivotal role in current war too. Even after knowing the reality, many a times decision makers don’t want to react. Lots of other issues play on the minds, mainly the results of the decision / action on their future well being. These are extraneous issues so to say but does have an critical impact. New York still has to manage with ”strong travel advisory”, when even complete lockdowns have not given the desired results elsewhere .

Even with reality and it’s understanding happening, the response to it is a momentous challenge. The response does not only mean a knee jerk reaction but a well thought action plan, the best in those circumstances, garnering all the resources at your command. Use and sharing in an unimaginable manner have fixed issues earlier as well. Execution has and will remain the challenge. Data driven dynamic resource mobilisation and usage with real time projections, patterns, correlations and predictions can turn the tide. Reaching this level is easier said that done. And you can only learn by doing.


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