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A cushy job or flamboyant celebrity, even lower down the order people were declared to be upwardly mobile. Air travel being one of the indicators. Food of every type was available at the click of a button, kitchens and delivery boys dotting every road. Life had moved to the digital mode or so it seemed. Further down the economic and social ladder, even labour payments were moving up and lots of simple amenities brightened up their life. Weekends / travel / shopping / showing off in every manner became the order of the day with social media platforms providing a 24/7 show case for your not so saner habits. Fear of missing out has become a disease.

This was life for sure. Selfies were a big hit and a mania of sorts. If this was the norm last few weeks of digesting the news of what is happening around the world would be like transcending life. The Corona and then the lockdown reached us from the foreign shores. A country with barley any human movement. That the distance to which two human beings can at best six feets. That we can live devoid of all that I mentioned above was something unimaginable a few weeks back. Last six days have redefined life for us.

We talked of skills to take on the world of automation and artificial intelligence, not realising that the brick and mortar of life is somewhere else. That cooking, eating and maintaining the life cycle of one’s hygiene is a personal responsibility. That work and life can both be consigned to your home of whatever size it might be. Work and life have become seamless from even the smallest of geographical locations, then where is the issue with work life balance.

Weddings can happen in drawing rooms in a country known for Big Fat Wedding. Birthday parties and other lesser events the less said the better. That everything can be cooked and eaten at home. That all the events of life can happen without event managers. That we wasted time, energy and money and worse still lost sleep and took tension for things that actually barely matter in life. The real transcending realisation is that the whole family can have a life within the four walls on one’s home. An experience for life; real life has always been unseen and unknown, discover for your own good.


Sanjay Sahay

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