Daily Post 1281


We have been at the digital threshold for quite sometime now, of a full digital way of life. Every single digital step we have taken declaring digital transformation from making a bank transaction to filling a few forms online or some odd meeting fancifully online. Digital technology has remained an outlier for quite sometime. It has played second fiddle in education and even more so in health and lots of other areas. In the financial sector in had the maximum penetration both at back end and front end.

Even with the disruptive technologies round the corner, the danger was not palpable, they thought it would get over it or would face as it comes. The digital transformation which the consultancy and tech companies were trying to bring about was not even happening in their fold. They had no idea of what they were envisioning and life and digital went on nearly independently. Corona besides its hundreds to impacts brought digital life right into our homes, taking it out of offices, schools / colleges, general physicians and numerous small field operations which could happen from home.

That home could be abuzz with all activities of life came to known only for the first time in human history. That digital transformation is not a strategy to be implemented to make a bigger buck, it is an immediate necessity, even without planning, in the Corona Times. It has been act of desperate transformation. What is left of restaurants is only Swiggys and Zomatos! Schools / colleges have been working fine online across the globe and exams could also get online sooner than later in a comprehensive way. Training also faces the same fate. The pace of the transformation has been amazing.

Zoom from being a camera feature for all of us is now a leading software of the day. Videoconferencing has become the temple of modern workplace. Work from Home is not restricted to the same city, it can happen from anywhere on the face of this earth. Hospitals are advising to have consultations on line, home being the safest place. We were at the Digital Threshold for long, Corona has brought the Digital, home. Internet of Things may be sometime away Internet of Human Beings is nearing completion.


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