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We remain in societies and communities nearly always in an umbilical mode, where one is born or where our destinies bring us; professional and geographical. It generically does not change even over a lifetime. But there are some exceptional ones who create communities for that special trait in them, it may be a behavioural trait or a professional capability or drive to bring together for a cause. In the world when people are more divisive than they ever were, these are the rallying points of change and hope.

Not that only these are the ones who are living their passions or that only they deliver, their are numerous leaders in official positions who make a difference, these are certainly the persons who believe in human interpersonal network to be the strongest tool to make change happen and create whatever you intend to, nothing being humungous. This has been the most successful tool in human history in any area of our existence. The man in question is the recipient of respect, affection and adoration for whatever he does for self created community and for the cause for which it has been formed.

These communities have made immense difference to our societal existence from from saving trees to finding number of ways for sustainable living of communities to the path artificial intelligence should take for the benefit of humanity. Climate change has also brought such life long communities together under charismatic leaders / founders in different parts of the the world. Lots of remarkable political formations have also found shape in this manner. Create a community to create a change seems to the adage.

The community has unison of mind and propels the cause as no other organised format can. The vision of the leaders creates the some informal / formal structure for the community and also its roadmap. He processes his vision into steps and takes the community forward to achieve the professed goal. On the untrodden path achieving a goal is easier said than done. The loss of the glue / leader mostly has an adverse impact in the community’s progress but some get over under able successors.


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