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The tone, tenor, approach, requirement and market becomes crystal clear if you go in for Google search with the same name, Journal Publication does not throw up details how a journal can be published and the nitty gritty of it. How fast an article can be published and the journals who are vying for it gives even a novice an idea of die hard mercenary approach, there is nothing academic about it. It might be for money or not is a different story.

If even the academicians are questioned as to how many of such dubious journal publications they have read, they would at their wits end. It would be also be difficult to discover even one academic institution which has catalogued all the journal publications of all its faculty members. If it really worthwhile it can used extensively by other professors and students. How many of students even know of the journal publications of their professors leave aside reading it.

There are mandatory requirements for different promotions that have to be met provides the tsunami of motivation and second is the longer the list of publications, more are the chances of getting a higher job. The academicians authorised to hire are mandated to follow such parameters. It is the numbers game at the end of the day. It’s truly cut throat not by of its immediate existential need but by way of the number crunching which every academician wants. Any professor who is in any way connected to the article published; directly or indirectly, has his names affixed.

You will never come to know who has written what in the article and the thought process behind it. How three, four or five viewpoints of independent, highly paid and knowledgeable academicians gets synthesised? Some renowned and senior profs seems to have written one every week. Even with the ultimate mastery over the subject it seems to be a mammoth task. The junior most writing and rest affixing their signatures is the true story.


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