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While we are completely immersed in technology given the way normal user flaunts his gadget, the professionals from any field have names of a couple of emerging technologies on their lips, the consultants as necessitated by the business world around claim expertise in them, the students claims to have all his projects with at least one of these factored in; the uninitiated would believe that we have arrived. In reality we have barely started with it.

Knowing the alphabets in no way makes you competent to write, understand or use even a word, however inefficiently. That is a new learning in itself. This is the stage we are in. Literally, everybody is struggling with these technologies. To adopt or not to, nobody has an answer. Who will help you through this exercise is unknown with whatever might the amount of money to be spend. The talent, expertise, know how, capability to adopt, adapt, execute, deliver is missing. We might just miss the fourth industrial revolution 4.0 while talking endlessly about it.

Given this situation, Bengaluru as tech hub of the country deserves to have the first Emerging Technologies Studio. Emerging Technologies Studio will showcase major emerging technologies as it stands today; Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Drones, Internet of Things and the Cloud. The display of different gadgets, softwares, knowledge in multimedia format, structured and sequential will go beyond the jargon and help you understand the basics of that technology.

The technologist subject matter experts will help you unravel the used cases, how it can customised at your end and from where the professional expertise would come from. The studio would have a state of art Knowledge Repository on Emerging Technologies. With awareness creation the only objective, there shall be no marketing done in that studio. The student and the startup fraternity would gain immensely out of it, given their desperate requirements to understand these technologies. This can be small beginning to achieve mastery over disruptive technologies.


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