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The all pervasive nature of Internet & it’s omnipotent usage has made us believe that while information repository is at our fingertips. The internet as we understand today can be only be called as  “the surface web”  This is the regulated part of the internet, the  unregulated component  is what we call as the  Darknet , which most of us are unaware of. In between the two is the  Deepweb ,  means parts of the internet which cannot be indexed & searched through Google, Bing, Yahoo et al.

Deepweb is not sinister. It has  large databases, libraries & members only websites.  Being unindexed,  comprehensive search in its entirety is not possible.  Lots of deep web index search projects have failed. Darknet, besides being inaccessible through search engines, is the  “Anonymous Internet.”  Website publishers & surfers are anonymous. Theoretically, large  government agencies track some people  in this anonymous space, practically, its  very difficult, isn’t always successful.

The  Onion Router ,(TOR), supported onion network provides for  Darknet anonymity.  Instead of Pedestrian Internet’s direct access to server methodology, this  direct link is broken & data is bounced around a number of intermediaries before reaching the destination.  Communication is registered on the network, whilst the transport medium does not know who made the communication.

TOR users add an additional layer of protection by using a Virtual Private Network, VPN, to connect to TOR. What you are doing on TOR remains unknown, the surveillance entities can see that you are using TOR for something. Thus,  VPN to connect to TOR becomes an ideal solution as nobody will be able to see that you are using it.

Darknet provides a free playing field for organised criminals, terrorists, money launderers, espionage agencies, hackers etc.  Darknet’s large market places are well known.  Silk Road website has been iconic. Its known as the  largest Crime University working on sharing & trust.


    Sanjay Sahay

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