DailyPost 103

 That we are moving ahead on a untrodden path in an uncharted territory is an understatement.  The 2016 American elections were hacked, is all over, America and world is not able to fathom out the length, breadth, width and the depth of this incident/s, technologically, politically, diplomatically, socially, might be financially and otherwise.  The genie is out, from curiosity as the cause of hacking to democracy at the altar is what hacking and cyber security is all about.  It will hit you as a bolt from the blue, sooner than later.

Seven months since it being known the clarity has still not emerged, whether it was only DNC hacks or beyond or that it even indirectly affected the election process is one or two areas remains unknown.  Attribution continues to be the biggest challenge which governments, business enterprises and cyber security experts face alike.

 Manipulation in the functioning of the critical infrastructure  is what is scaring US, was the feeling expressed in the Congressional Committee hearing only yesterday. There are examples aplenty of Iran, Estonia, Ukraine and Iraq in recent times. State actors are having a field day. The interface between the state and non-state actors is getting more blurred with every passing day. The cyber war has begun.  The cyber warriors are not the offensive.

 Perception based on political leanings with immediate political gains in mind is running riot in the political, bureaucratic and social landscape of the US.  Getting vocal has become the birthright in the age of mass media; both electronic & social media, both feeding into each other. President Obama wants a purely professional bipartisan approach and on the contrary  President elect has rubbished the whole of the US intelligence fraternity.  The US administration is at a loss to deal with Wikileaks, having failed against Apple earlier.  Cyber security is the biggest existential threat of our times.


    Sanjay Sahay

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