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Within the same democratic functioning different variants of decision making have developed given the difference in the ecosystem and the experiences governments and parliaments have gone through. Even more interesting is the fact that within the same country different variants of decision marking erupts, depending upon the nature of leadership and the historical situation you are in. Sometimes, it’s perfected for a pre-decided goal. With the passage of time that itself becomes the predominant decision making system or process. Nonetheless, every democratic government claims to be working on what is termed as Democratic Consensus.

What is democratic consensus can itself be a matter of debate ? Do you need consensus or the legally mandated majority rule is sufficient? Who all constitute the consensus mechanism? Should it be only elected representatives or it also includes associations, unions, lobbyists, intellectuals, professionals, experts and the like. While these questions can keep on getting answered, what is critical to democratic existence is democratic consensus enabled state of mind. This is the operational heart of democracy that makes everybody feel a part of it. The difference emanates from the fact, whether we view democracy as power garnering mechanism or a wide power sharing mechanism.

The historical development of democracy has made it amply clear that structuring or creating a framework for democratic consensus is never going to happen. It has to be inculcated from childhood itself, were consensus building skills have to be taught. The primarily skill is bringing people for a cause or purpose and not for a party or for advancement of a political goal.* Only then it will find a place in a political party, when consensus minded people become the majority. Fortunately, what all of us aspire for is nearly the same and a sane debate and magnanimity on the side of powerful would be an extra mile which everyone looks forward to.

This approach makes democratic consensus a very reachable mode and destination on a regular basis. The political battle ends where government and governance starts. Political workers and voters terminology should vanish as soon as the election results are out. The government represents one and all, even animals, flora, fauna everything. It works for larger good of the largest people. The battle of government and the governed is outdated and outmoded and would do no service to anybody. Consensus is ideal, failing which it should be as close to it. It’s a mirage worth aspiring for, friction in delivery would considerably be brought down.


Sanjay Sahay

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