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Interoperability remains a technical and business issue in the IT world. Seamless interoperability is a mirage that we keep on chasing, some don’t even have the interest to make it happen, if it is outside their area of vested interest. This is the technical public domain, the technologies, products and services which make our life easy or difficult depending on how it plays out. But in the normal public domain, interoperability has become the order of the day. One should realise that public domain cannot be treated as one water body, where anybody making a mark in one area presupposes a licence to operate in all the areas.

Public domain is a complex arena. The ease it provides to celebrities gives a false feeling of its superficial nature. We have been watching them crisis crossing the public domain, some with success and others ending up in dismal failure. Social media has given them the chance to put forth their opinion about everything and frequently they do. Lack of knowledge of that particular area of public domain can put one to great risk, on which you are speaking you mind out, unnecessarily. One actor’s comment on the present farmer’s agitation has raked a row. The confidence which one derives from being a super achiever in one area cannot be translated into the other is the moral of the story.

Few of the celebrities are also nominated to the parliament for their unique contribution in their field. Presumably, the honour is for making a contribution to public life and the area which he or she is a master of. The contributions made has never been evaluated. On the other hand, the possibility of being a people’s representative and also a member of the political executive enamours all. Can this transition happen naturally and can the person contribute naturally in an area he is not aware of of? If you can get the votes you are fit to contribute is the thought process. Has it happened so far? For a celebrity professional switching roles or career generates a different expectation which is generally belied.

The expertise less switchover, lack of learning on the job and non-delivery has messed up the public domain scenario, where everybody is expected to deliver. Or where most are not expected to deliver? Or with the best of efforts, which does not happen, most can’t deliver. Without denying one odd can pull off the rug, rest look like assembly line products of non-delivery. The effort all throughout is keep proving that they have been delivering, while evading, defending and promising, while realising the harsh reality. When will relevant public domain expertise happen wherever required?


Sanjay Sahay

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