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The world has proven this fact over and over again and that is the reason for the development of mankind and reaching the pinnacle of existence, unimaginable only few decades back. It was digital technology which made us take giant strides, making centuries of progress look puny. Nearly three decades of mass digital technology usage made a marked difference to nearly every life on the face of this earth, directly or indirectly. Having enjoyed the party to the fullest, we still had detractors, some mighty and the powerful, who could not see scientific facts as the were. Tragedy stuck. COVID-19 made of the world, which not even one of its 7 billion residents had imagined even in their wildest dreams.

These detractors of technology and research had a field day claiming that finally a virus made us so vincible. We cannot possibly deny that fact but it was because of technological advances in last two decades, by way of products and services, that made the critical difference to our lives, in the most trying times. The impact of the last pandemic, the Spanish Plague cannot be compared with the present one. The long and short of it is the technological marvel of digital communication and our capability to maintain it, in most adverse of the circumstances, was the magic sauce which made us pass through this agony. From education to entertainment all converged into a digital device, propelled by the cloud.

While research based robust tech was making our life livable in an existential crisis, at the other end where Pharma companies breaking the barriers of scientific research to produce the one final cure – vaccine. Not that vaccine was being made for the first time, lots of companies in this field have already done yeomen service to mankind, the challenge this time was end to end – timelines, complexity, trial, efficacy and approvals at a pace, never happened in human history. No research has ever been followed with such intense curiosity and anticipation as this vaccine. The world was on tender-hooks. Every phase of trial was being vociferously followed.

Research has finally become the winner. The product is out. Time abridged yet nothing else was abridged – research, approval, trial et al. The regulator gave a go ahead in the UK today. Mass vaccination starts next week. Mankind’s quest to find answers in science has become the saviour, yet once again. We can call it the Pfizer moment. The moment of glory for a company relentlessly involved in this research. Time to celebrate the scientists who have solved the biggest real world problem of the day. We all can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Detractors will have being own story. So it be.


Sanjay Sahay

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