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With the advent of the whole new concept of multitasking and then the onset of social media, work in peace has got thrown out of the window. Earlier, we heard of stories of what successful men did with their time and were able to create skills, documents, blueprint of ideas, products, research & its findings and businesses that kept on changing the world for the better, till we reached this distracted level. Work In Peace as an adage and s dictum, slowly lost its value and people jostled together to create things with needed peace of mind. Education and work, both became multi-media that further diluted the difference between different parts of human existence.

What can be achieved without the work in peace thought process? The unanimous answer would be nothing. If this is the universal answer then the question is how many times in a week are you able to find couple of hours together, when you would have worked in peace? If this the only theorem of work, then why it has been given up by all and sundry. And we presume that everything is happening and that too yielding the same result of a peaceful mind working in peace. That is certainly not the case. Plagiarism is the lowest level manifestation of the same.

Only yoga, mediation and the Swami Campuses boast of peace. But the moot question is, what is the work being churned out there? Work sans peace can generate peace of mind and thought is the message being spread. This would certainly not be the right thought process to inculcate. It is regressive. The value of peace has to taught to those who have never realised this to be the biggest asset of life. This is the differentiator between the creators and the shabby operators. The endless cacophony is killing us. How many of are doctoral thesis are celebrated?

When you don’t create a product of quality in the cacophony of today’s existence and we feel happy being wedded to that, the only option left is to defend it. This we do for products, skills, expertise, writing et al. We create a hype. Everything is declared awesome. We even get into verbal duels or trolls to prove things right. Digital marketing can do wonders to any non-sense. Non-performing humans can be transformed into assets and leaders. When you don’t work in peace, results don’t happen and that creates a demeaning life of lack of values, performance and merit.


Sanjay Sahay

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