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Winning a democratic election & swearing in as the head of the state, transforms the leader into the CEO of the nation.  A man of vision, mission, skills, capabilities, competencies with courage & conviction, having belief in complete fair play, is supposed to emerge out of the election process.  The history so far is not very enthusing. In the case of Trump this  transformation did not happen & there are extremely slender chances of it happening.  The White House staffers hire & fire stories has become routine.  The latest sordid CEOs saga gives us of an inkling of the bottomless pit ahead.

The first CEO President of the US is at loggerheads with CEOs themselves. His long haul towards becoming the President gave enough evidence of him being a political & administrative greenhorn  but his business acumen, experience & expertise would also not come in handy was difficult to believe.  He was to literally gel with CEO fraternity in the best interest of governance, business & the nation

Two advisory councils were created for this purpose.  Many a CEO’s were not comfortable with the  president’s response to the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, saying that “both sides” were to be faulted.  The fault lines between the President

& the CEO’s came out in the open. The CEO’s  departure from President  Donald Trump’s two advisory councils has turned from a trickle into a torrent.  The two panels have been destroyed for good.  Twitter Trump’s venomous messages left no scope for a compromise.  USA’s most prominent CEOs have made their choice clear.

For a CEO being a Trump sympathiser or an associate would hurt their brand immensely. Their cumulative economic strength would be needed by Trump to take his nationalistic economic story further.  He needs them more than they need him.  With the political & bureaucratic story already unstuck,  this might just turn out to be the proverbial last straw.  Russian issue investigation is on.  Administration Fatigue is bound to set in.


    Sanjay Sahay


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