Daily Post 1349


Whether it is electronic or the social media, the 24/7 dinosaurs of our mind and imagination, have one program running relentlessly all the time, is of ongoing feud between individuals, political parties, organisations and agencies, stranger still; governments of different hues and colour, the spokesperson et al. Are our systems still in the nascent stage or is there some inherent issue with Indian psyche or DNA with its preferred debating style being verbal duel of the worst variety and God only save the language. Or is it sheer pushing of an agenda which does not exist, people at large as bystanders, whichever might be the party.

The running undercurrent of this outward manifestation seems to be incompetence coupled with the inability to learn or work hard and still nursing a dream to be successful and make big in life. While rest of the world is busy honing up professional skills, getting validated in different environments and upgrading it continuously to make their presence felt and make a decent living, these democratic parasites get ready to pull up their sleeves every single day in every single drawing room of this country. The lesser mortals would surreptitiously appear on the social media with their venom fangs secreting poison in full public display. If this is the level, tenor and direction of public debating, it’s high time we ban debating in our schools and colleges. They serve no purpose.

As any crisis unfolds these venom fangs get their secretions on and as the crisis deepens its an open spray of poison, beating hollow the mass scale sanitisation of the public spaces. Who will sanitise these minds, for whom a health emergency is no different from a communal clash or a local election. Who will die in the process is nobody’s concern. When hospital beds are in the midst of a battle, their availability and accounting of it. Scoring a brownie point is of critical importance or who knows who is batting for whom? At the end of the day, this is the narrative, whatever might be the incident or the issue or the crisis. Even if it were to be an existential crisis, so it be.

We have lost innumerable battles, this might turn out to be another one. In lots we have declared our victory in the face of an abject surrender or an outright defeat. Negating in is great art of finding a victory in defeat. If all the cognitive skills fail, this will always come to your rescue. While the health crisis raises its head in containment zones and ICUs, the prime time shrill voice characters are battling for whom and what is there to be won, nobody knows. Old habits die hard, still it is time to give up. If we can’t get our act together, posterity will never pardon for our fatal attack on humanity.


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