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A stateless and a classless society is the utopia, or so was it claimed, was what Karl Marx was talking about. What finally gained ground over centuries of maturing is democracy, an experiment in humanity having full control over it’s own fate. Seemed everything was going fine with a bit of a topsy turvy here and there. The way it is put forth in history, we find democracies and democratic governments doing pretty fine. The larger than life democratic leaders have held sway for a long time. Might be lack of 24/7 multimedia electronic and social media helped. Over the last fifty years and more so in the latter half of it, the world has completely transformed. The democratic dream seems to be on a roller coaster ride.

IT behemoths hold sway of the world. Rare do we find a crisis being handled deftly-economic,social or health. Pestering issues are evaded. There are no timelines and there is no one to authenticate and validate on behalf of the electorate. Everything is an agenda. The complexity of the modern world is immense, even in the flimsiest of the things. Correct decision and perfect execution is a must, failing which we are getting back to square one every single time. From terrorism to cyber security to refugee problem there is nothing which the democratic countries can act in unison and correctly. They have not be able to reinvent to the modern times and it seems they might never be able to. They have been overwhelmed by everything around them, just that they are not ready to accept.

The transformation of a political party into an objective and empirical governance machine does not happen, which is the basic presumption of democracy. The earth shattering COVID-19 has driven it home. Facts, figures, facilities, social insurance, health support, beds, treatment etc, everything is in question the world over. The democratic utopia has crashed in its test with life. Cut and dry objectivity, professional expertise used for decision making, planning and execution, objectivity and vision which only the best professionals can offer have become a democracy’s dire need. Detached of frills. Is this the way forward.

Can a democracy be without a party? An Independent’s Party after elections. Professionals from different expertise required for governance, excelling in their expertise / enterprise / sector / region, decide to fight as Independents, spending their hard earned taxed money, come out successful. Digital campaigning. These candidates winning more than half the seats, form an Independents Party. It can be called a ruling formation. All positions are decided on competence / internal voting. Rest of the elected representatives are put to good use depending on their competencies with ministries / agencies/public enterprises and projects which have been stunted for want of full time professional expertise and direction. Reinventing democracy or a Democratic Utopia!


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