Daily Post 1348


The real credentials are the ones devoid of comparisons, relativity, taking the issue back to scriptures, sages, thinkers, it is simply the action matching requirements and delivering the impact proposed, the near perfect delivery in between. All this can very easily be proven right in hindsight on the touchstone of robustness and sustainability. It is so conspicuous that there is no need to prove it either. It is like somebody passing an exam, the marks are right there to prove everything. The issue starts when it does not happen may be for lack of understanding, expertise, ability to plan and to execute or lack of interest or both. Even after that things can go haywire.

The ability to understand the system, navigate through it, use its resources judiciously, keeping up the guard all throughout the execution or delivery process is key to make it happen. Very few can actually pull it off, more so in complex democratic systems. This is again like the innovation theory where one out fifty seven see the light of the day. For the vast majority who don’t, are also the people in responsible positions, what do they do? How many of us have the magnanimity to accept that one has not been able to deliver or better still given the capabilities one possesses does not match the issues to be tackled, he declines the offer of that responsibility. Everyone wants to try.

There is nothing wrong in trying. But have you ever delivered in such circumstances. This can be a clear cut pointer. Certainly, the current assignment would be much more complex. Destined to fail, you fail. Then the story of our epics start. It has turned out to be an epic of non-delivery in field after field, the examples of our epics coming to their rescue. When epic fails then somewhere some incident of history comes to his rescue. When you are desperate to find negative analogies, the country will not fail you. There are a bunch of hanger ons you will find around yourself, who have all the fake data and stories needed in your arsenal. When history fails there can still be other options.

From the present competitors or adversaries, something would certainly come in handy of their questionable conduct and actions and a great hue and cry can be made out of it. Your failure gets covered. The moral of story is that your non-delivery has to be successfully camouflaged and you should come out unscathed, even better would be, if you are able to trounce others. The match has been played for quite sometime now and taken over everybody’s heart and mind to an extent that they have forgotten the real credentials. This commodity is unknown. The running thought is that everybody does the same thing, the smarter one’s camouflage remains unknown.


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