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While Demis Hassabis at DeepMind is trying to solve intelligence the AI and then harness its power for solving myriad problems of mankind there is a more earthly sort of an intelligence which has turned out to the the game changer for both managers and the companies. This is Digital Intelligence. Emotional intelligence has long been the differentiator for making way to the top for managers and henceforth to the C level and beyond. Contemporary firms today such as Starbucks, Barnes & Nobles and Sears are hiring CEOs and top executives on the basis of digital intelligence. William Lynch for Barnes & Noble and the CEO of ICICI come from the same fold. He claims to be the CIO too.

Digital Intelligence is the astute capability to understand the nitty gritty of the digital landscape internally of the company and the world outside and use the power of information technology to gain competitive advantage. This is to thrive and emerge in the digital marketplace. This skill set would separate the most successful managers from the also-rans in the Information Age. As we are are evolving in the all transforming digital age, it can safely said, if right effort is made in right earnestness, the manager can acquire the skills to manage and even exploit digital transformation.

One popular misconception needs to decimated to make this mindset change to happen and realise the omnipotent importance of Digital Intelligence. Managing IT is something to be delegated to IT employees and that the business managers can continue to keep focusing on conventional skills such as accounting, finance or accounting. IT as the base of everything is not being understood even to this day even in IT companies.

IT literacy cannot be treated as sufficient enough skill to even navigate the digital world. Digital Intelligence cannot be the synonym of computer literacy. It is competencies for success from a managerial and leadership perspective. Given the paradigm shift in business ecosystem propelled by IT, CEOs and CIOs need to make necessary investments in digital intelligence for key executives and future leaders of their companies.


Sanjay Sahay

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