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Standards, certification and audit have been the curse of the digital world, the inbuilt multiplicity, exactitude, legality, non-availability and its non-mandated nature have further confounded the problem even to this day when the whole world is immersed in IT technology. The Internet of Things, IoT, takes it to different scale. The IoT landscape is chaotic to say the least. The risks of IoT networks start from the run of the mill ones all the way to cyber espionage and national security threats. Everything is at a risk.

A legally mandated, technically sound set of standards, from gadgets to transmission to storage to cloud / edge as the case may be, transparent with the capability to be audited end to end is a desperate need. Making it happen is the challenge. In the US, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has been working to create IoT standards for a long time. California passed the first IoT Cyber Security law that put the IoT makers to follow higher security standards. Having faced the Russian hackers, US is in progress to initiated Federal Law for IoT devices. The ETSI, Technical Committee on Cyber Security, (TC CYBER) released ETSI TS 103645 as a standard cyber security for IoT.

Some feeble efforts are being made, the implementation is likely to remain unfulfilled even at the rudimentary level. The challenge is that the IoT devices interact differently with the web compared to conventional IT devices in the effectiveness of cyber security and privacy features. They may have different or no operating system. IoT security is still thought to be a costly add on. *IoT devices require shielding outside of the conventional enterprise boundaries.

Mirai botnet, which cut down a great part of the web on the east coasts has given a clear indication of the problem ahead. The humungous nature of gadgets, edge gateways / cloud platforms, the big data being created leading to fastest data streams need sound standards globally. An unregulated IoT is a threat to the world.


Sanjay Sahay

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