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For a population sensitive to about every single like, the reciprocal relationship involved in the Facebook appreciations, the dopamine flowing and the feelings and emotions being so meticulously orchestrated, it would be an anathema that they would be insensitive to the known ailments of the day. At the other end of the spectrum are the dirty guys, the mafiasos, the die hards, the mercenaries, the money spinners and the whole ecosystem which is beyond sensitisation. Nonetheless, the efforts are on. Like awareness creation, this to seems to have become another commercial activity.

For any wrong that is happening and consistently so, might be for years if not decades, the copybook response is to sensitise. Very few even in the trade of sensitising people, really know what it is all about, the methodology, the parameters, the follow through and finally how to declare that the persons / groups have been sensitised. The psychology, sociology, personal failings, the context, the conscience collective all merge into creation of the social animal that is a human being. To sensitise is a noble act, but does it happen?

Sensitisation is a long drawn process to be conducted in a scientific manner with the right blend of teaching, sermonising, field visits, meeting the victims, case studies supported by a congenial atmosphere societal, governmental and the peer group. All stakeholders come to accomplish the same goal, whatever come may. The critical mass is very important. Sensitising a class of students on drug abuse while it being sold outside the school and teacher / management and law enforcers not taking to a do or die level, can change happen?

With large number of agencies governmental and otherwise, NGOs, what percentage of the population we have been able to sensitise for good, for any cause. If it is a type of a social service, then it should be done with a social service zeal. If all stakeholders fulfil their responsibilities; legally / socially mandated and otherwise, will not the concerned get sensitised automatically, they will have no choice. The nitty gritty of social change has be properly understood.


Sanjay Sahay

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