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Disruption 360 Degrees has finally descended on the world, it’s not the first time but it certainly the most most comprehensive world has ever seen or experienced. The Greek Philosophy, The Crusades, The Renaissance, The Reformation, The Printing Press, , Steam Engine, Electricity, Computers culminating into The Industrial Revolutions, the world has seen it all. The vast majority still remain unaffected and progress of each of these paradigm shifts was slow to say the least. You may called it organic for better understanding.

This is the real disruption, it can be called Disruption 360. The earlier ones can at best be called transformations. The current one sits on the top of all the technological developments that has happened thus far, on the top of hyper connectivity which has been laid and uniformity of gadgetry the world over and also the operational model – softwares. The general purpose technology – the digital ones – ML- AI, 5G, Robotics, Drones, 3D Printing, 5G, IoT, synthetic biology, social media etc are impacting each one of us in wide and varied ways – the society, economy, polity, psychology et al.

While we are getting hit by it, we are not in a  position to express the magnitude of change nor are we able to fathom out the connect, the experts in different areas sing their own tunes and leave the scene. We live in the age of Disruption 360, which will keep increasing by the day till it engulfs us by creating a new existential order. Getting caught unawares for a mammoth change is certainly not the best way to embrace change. It can have a debilitating impact.

The professionals, enterprises, society and the nation have to be made aware of it, it has to be a full fledged awareness campaign to align to the Disruption 360 and also to make the best use of the endless opportunities it is going to provide. Schools and colleges particularly professional ones have to be geared for this purpose. The social fabric also needs to make corresponding changes to accommodate technology – from cyber stalking, bullying to mob lynching.


Sanjay Sahay

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