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Every trade or service or profession in their area of influence or personality in the public domain has an audience on the way he or she has defined her presence. While we are aware of the audience in general, do we have any method of engaging them for a long duration and sustainably? Or a worse situation; we don’t even know whether we need to engage them at all? We don’t have even the faintest of idea what benefit it can accrue to the trade? Engaging the audience / customer base on a long term, sustainable and proactive basis can do magic to the company, freelance, institution or any organisation.

Engagement is the glue connecting the performer to the audience, the business to the customers, beneficiary with the public service including the social service, the public personality or leader with the vision/ audience. The present transaction is just a need based trade off. The audience / customer is kept close, far, dormant or in indifferent mode depending on providers requirements. In the cut throat world of QI, Q2, Q3, Q4 engaging with the people / customers who can benefit you for all times to come is treated as waste of time. Blitzkrieg ad campaign with even the social media at your beck and call is supposed to do the magic, actually does not happen in the real world.

Engaging a wider audience in real terms translates into creating a relationship which does not deliver at the first call itself but over period of time if developed properly, it would deliver at every instance. The trust which gets created in the process is the basic kernal of business. Trust is synonymous to business success. From Amway to corner kirana shop trust has been the hallmark. This is a clear indicator of who remain to stay for long time or are fly by night operators.

The most reliable feedback mechanism is created in this manner. It can keep businesses, leaders, public visionaries and social service messiahs on the right track. For the public speaker it serves the purpose of understanding the personality way beyond the speeches, his purpose, as public speaker should not get into the arena without a purpose. Community is the base of human living, this is the formula of engaging the wider audience sustainably.


Sanjay Sahay

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