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How will the world be if we have practitioners everywhere or even at majority of the places or at the barest minimum at least in all the critical position. It would be way beyond a thousand flowers blooming, it will be a million flowers in bloom. What we want in safe hands would be is professional hands. The friction of the modern world is having amateurs, novices, completely greenhorns, vested ignorants, ignorant egoists having more than fair share in the functioning of modern world in different proportions the world over.

The tenor of the modern world among the rich, powerful and the ignorant is that they refuse to accept that they can go wrong. The complexities of modern day world belies that faith. But, unfortunately, they stick to it, to the dismay of the world. The practitioner on the other hand is one who has burned his fingers a hundred times, learned a different skill of executing & navigating through projects, personal and professionals dilemmas, critical and insurmountable situations and come out successful with the project / work / activity / deliverable intact & functioning in a robust manner. The world belongs to the practitioners.

He is human being of perseverance, unnerved, and focus discerning & moving towards the goal, whatever come may, his skillS, expertise, competencies and experience in full unison. Unfortunately, they are few and far between in select areas. Practitioners everywhere has to be the slogan of the professional age. Practitioners only can and only they should run the show. Whether it is an international agency, NGO or governance, these are the professionals who will deliver. If an organisation or project is run by a practitioner of this nature, you can gauge the outcome.

The confidence he would carry would be inspiring, can make the team stick and provide all relevant interfaces required. He would also know all relevant Human Resource in that field. Grooming new practitioners by this mentorship would transform the professional landscape. Practitioners everywhere would stabilise society, economy and polity in a robust and deliverable system.


Sanjay Sahay

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