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In a meeting, while discussing a new innovative idea, while trying to push a project, during the course of execution, while writing a professional document, while explaining the concept, while building a team, while taking the team to the next higher level how many times you have slurred, slipped and how many times you have been pushed to a corner for being out of depth with subject or the issue. If it is happening again and again, there is certainly an issue. Like the unreported mental health and well being issues, this will eat into the vitals of your professional growth. It would become insurmountable.

Out of depth literally means to be in water so deep that one cannot stand and may be at risk of drowning and figuratively to be in a situation which one is poorly prepared or unprepared to handle. In the present day world you can add another category of the unprepared who are ready to grab any opportunity totally unaware of the challenges just having an eye on the benefits thereof. That the world moves one expertise and skills is none of their concern.

In the era of super-specialisation and inter- disciplinary knowledge both required simultaneously, the challenge is huge. The specialist of yesterday who could manage with the knowledge of his college days, cannot remain in circulation at all. With such professionals and super-specialists existing side by side there would innumerable situations where you would find yourself totally out of depth. Even in general governance with technology and management practices becoming all pervasive, more are chances that find yourself out of depth.

People have starting feeling the heat of being out of depth but the human nature and professional ego does not allow them to accept the fact. Talk to their subordinates and the external stakeholders they interface and you can have a litany of embarrassing situations he would have faced on this count. This will become the order of the day, if we refuse to accept our plight and take remedial action. Otherwise, you are out of action.


Sanjay Sahay

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