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Given the present scheme of things and the persisting thought process of the day, the sole intention is of maximising benefits and profits, there is an earnest effort to converge scheming and strategising as one and the same thing. Whatever delivers a windfall is declared to be a strategy, the modality is never thought about. The modality is the difference; which is the differentiator between the good, bad and ugly, between being ethical and unethical and at times between legal and illegal. This the crux of our life; personal and professional; economic, social and political.

As this distinct line between the to two keep getting blurred, the degeneration of everything we do would become distinct. Scheming means given to or involved in making secret and underhand plans and strategising means to think of a detailed plan for achieving success in situations such as war, politics, business, industry or sport. The practitioners of the Convergence Theory existing between the two base their strength on what is termed as Being Practical.

Scheming has its genesis from it being of secretive nature. In business all stakeholders are are not brought on the same page and the deliberately created gaps in communication / information is used for business advantage. The target is the customer who has to be exploited to the max while singing songs in his praise. The owner of the project who pays through his nose is either out of the loop or is provided information selectively so that he does not get to know that he being is duped. Non Disclosure Agreements, NDAs were created to further genuine business interests, has become one great tool of profit maximisation through scheming.

A world deriving its oxygen from scheming would never realise the worth of the art, skill and benefit of strategising. It takes time, effort, energy, expertise and professionalism to even imagine in this regard. Strategists are the most sought professionals in every sector. Any top professional has to be a strategist. This is the mindset of the winner. This is the beginning of a purposeful journey in an era of competition, technologies and complexities of all kinds.


Sanjay Sahay

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