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As life moves on to a totally different trajectory, in an ultra connected world, with expectations of citizens skyrocketing and terrorism & cyber security taking the centre stage, new knowledge institutions to support and facilitate this change ought to be created, lest we falter, as has been in past, with totally unwarranted consequences.

1.National Innovation Hub – With wide and varied ideas & technology hitting the marketplace at a frightening pace there is a dire need of a research organization providing most innovative solutions keeping our economic growth in mind. It would help consolidate out gains and would become the harbinger of positive / proactive Change revolutionizing numerous sectors of our economy and bring probity to our existence.

2.National Cyber Security Centre– Cyber Security single handedly has the capability to make a debilitating impact on one / many sectors, take trust out of business organizations and incur untold financial losses. This centre will keep track of global trends / groups in this arena, create standards, develop tools, create solutions, certify, audit systems and create immense awareness in the country.

3.National Homeland Security Research Centre– This is the mother of all organizations waging a war on terror. Bringing research in all relevant technologies under one roof and under one command and control is the objective. This would be a knowledge and tools repository to which all practitioners can reach out to. C4i based Command & Control Centre, TETRA, Interception Systems to name a few.

4.National Public Speaking & Communication Academy– Though superficially unrelated to the above mentioned yet gets connected in making impact more perceivable. Professional Public Speakers providing workable solutions in emerging areas will certainly transform the growth landscape, as also it pace. Professional flawless communication on any medium and mode is critical to our existence. Every communication made is there to stay for all times, given the storage medium today, however momentary / urgent or whimsical and communication would have been.

Just an open ended thought. A beginning. Lots more needed. Lots of present institutions to be scaled up.

Sanjay Sahay

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